Selling Life Insurance in the Crowdfunding Era

Could crowdfunding replace life insurance? Not if you highlight the downside of crowdfunding - and reframe your sales pitch with its feel-good vocabulary.
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Will Fitness Tracking Data Change Life Insurance Forever?

65% of consumers collecting fitness tracking data would share it with a life insurer if it means they save - and build a relationship with that insurer.
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Prospecting via Webinars for Life Insurance Agents

Are you prospecting via webinars? You can also use them to address trending topics, answer client questions, and build your mailing list. Webinars are a great way to present yourself as an authority and earn a prospect’s trust. It’s also a great way to create an agent/client bond, especially if ...
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2016 Social Media Trends and Predictions

2016 social media trends will be about user experience – and making social platforms a profit. Get tips on how insurance agents can adapt and thrive.
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Email Marketing for Life Insurance Agents: Get Started in 4 Steps

New to digital marketing? Email marketing for life insurance agents isn't hard. It just takes practice and a little momentum. Here's how to start.
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Financial Advisors and Data Security

As financial advisors, it's our job to take data security seriously. From encryption to password management, here's a primer in keeping your data safe.
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5 Steps and 10 Tools to Save Time on Social Media

From pre-scheduling posts to sourcing content to creating sharable images on the fly, here are the tips and tools to save time on social media.
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Blogging for Financial Advisors: 8 Tips to Get Started

From developing your voice to planning an editorial calendar, here are 8 tips about blogging for financial advisors.
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Insurance 2.0: Many Challenges, One Solution

Being successful in the life insurance industry today requires agents to think outside the box and use technology wisely. We call this "Insurance 2.0."
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Tech Corner Crash Course: How to Use Keywords

What do keywords have to do with insurance agents? Everything. You're building your brand, but that brand goes far beyond your name. Learn how to use keywords to get found in online search.
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