The Pinney Team consists of a growing group of highly talented individuals committed to providing you with unequaled professional service. We have over 250 years of combined experience and are ready to help you in any way we can!

CEO & Founder / President

CEO and Founder Jan Pinney
R. Jan Pinney
CEO / Founder
President Ryan Pinney
Ryan Pinney

Business Development

VP Direct Sales, Katie Cumalat
Katie Cumalat
VP Sales
Brokerage Director Alec Cohen
Alec Cohen
Brokerage Director
Brokerage Director Tony King
Tony King
Brokerage Director
Brokerage Director Dave Cranfield
Dave Cranfield
Brokerage Director
Brokerage Director Seth Legatowicz
Seth Legatowicz
Brokerage Director
Business Development Representative Emily Stark
Emily Stark
Business Development Representative
Relationship Coordinator Amber Stewart
Amber Stewart
Relationship Coordinator
Internal Wholesaler Paulette Wolfe
Paulette Wolfe
Internal Wholesaler


Underwriter Mike Woods
Mike Woods
Sr. Underwriter
Medical Director Robert Frank, M.D.
Robert Frank, M.D.
Medical Director

Direct Sales

Insurance Advisor Christine Orris
Christine Orris
Team Lead, Direct Sales
Insurance Advisor Laurie Warren
Laurie Warren
Insurance Advisor
Insurance Advisor Cedric Carter
Cedric Carter
Insurance Advisor
Insurance Advisor Mark Filice
Mark Filice
Insurance Advisor
Insurance Advisor Tammy Walde
Tammy Walde
Insurance Advisor
Marketer Erica Piland
Erica Piland
Marketer Kim Little
Kim Little


Marketer Debby Strouse
Debby Strouse
Managing Editor Jenni Wiltz
Jenni Wiltz
Managing Editor
Senior Editor, Digital Media - Matt Lockhart
Matt Lockhart
Senior Editor,
Digital Media
Lead Software Engineer
Maurice Ferguson
Lead Software Engineer

Life Operations

Life Systems & Operations Consultant Nancy Pinney
Nancy Pinney
Life Systems & Operations Consultant
VP of Operations Tracy Meier
Tracy Meier
VP of Operations
Reporting and Systems Coordinator Amber Alberts
Amber Alberts
Reporting & Systems Coordinator
Maddy Meteer
Maddy Meteer
Agency Coordinator

Contracting & Licensing

Sr. Contracting Specialist Tanja Pedersen
Tanja Pederson
Sr. Contracting Specialist
Commissions Specialist Heather Currey
Heather Currey
Commissions Specialist

Application Division

Application Division Manager Candi Brundage
Candi Brundage
Application Division Manager
Application Specialist Cindy Jones
Cindy Jones
Application Team Lead
Application Specialist Keiosha Green
Keiosha Green
Application Specialist
Application Specialist Troy Metcalf
Troy Metcalf
Application Specialist
Application Specialist Carolyn Seamons
Carolyn Seamons
Application Specialist
Application Specialist Nicho Earley
Nicho Earley
Application Specialist
Application Specialist RJ Pinney
RJ Pinney
Application Specialist
Imaging Specialist Jerilyn Beesley
Jerilyn Beesley
Imaging Specialist
App Input Specialist Maggie Scanlon
Maggie Scanlon
App Input
App Input Specialist Melanie Ivey
Melanie Ivey
App Input

Case Management

New Business Manager Mary Ellen Meteer
Mary Ellen Meteer
New Business Manager
Angela DeMille
Angela Demille
Sr. Case Manager
Case Manager Kim Sewell
Kim Sewell
Sr. Case Manager
Case Manager Shelby Richardson
Shelby Richardson
Case Manager
Case Manager Lauren Densley
Lauren Densley
Case Manager
Policy Delivery Specialist Julianne Hall
Julianne Hall
Policy Delivery Specialist
Kayla Richards
Kayla Richards
Policy Delivery Specialist
Policy Delivery Specialist Alex Sibaja
Alex Sibaja
Policy Delivery Specialist