August 2023 Sales Kit -Back to School

August 2023 Sales Kit: Back to School

Our August 2023 sales kit will help you show clients how permanent life insurance can help them put their kids through college.
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August 2022 Sales Kit - Back to School

August 2022 Sales Kit: Back to School

Our August 2022 sales kit is all about helping your clients see how permanent life insurance works as a source of college funding.
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August 2020 SalesKit: Back to School

August 2020 Sales Kit: Back to School

Our August 2020 sales kit will help you talk to families who need death benefit protection, but also want to help the kids with future college expenses.
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College Funding: Why Clients Need Your Help

College Funding: Why Clients Need Your Help

This month, we’re talking about life insurance and college funding. The costs and challenges are higher than ever - here's what your clients are up against.
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August 2018 Sales Kit: Back To School

August 2018 Sales Kit: Back to School

In our August 2018 sales kit, we're talking about college funding. Get tips & tools for talking about life insurance as a source of college funding.
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College planning with cash value life insurance

College Planning with Cash Value Life Insurance

Cash value life insurance can help your clients save for the rising costs of college tuition without neglecting their own retirement savings.
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A piggy bank wearing a graduate's cap, with books and a diploma.

6 Benefits of Life Insurance for College Planning

Due to the rising costs of college tuition, fewer families can pay to send their children off to college. But the youth of today are our leaders tomorrow, so it’s important that they receive their shot at a college degree without being hindered simply by money. It’s our job as insurance and financia...
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A full classroom of students.

An Example of College Planning With Life Insurance

Henry Jones wants his son, Henry Jr., to go to college just like he did. But, because his wife is sadly deceased, Henry is a single father. He’s not sure he'll be able to save enough money for his son’s college tuition. Junior is off on adventures quite often, so Henry Sr. is also a bit uneasy about ...
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Happy mom with her two kids.

Using Permanent Life Insurance for College Tuition

Does this scenario sound familiar? Your client started a college fund for their child's future educational expenses. Maybe it's a 529, or maybe it's a Coverdell account. But what happens if mom or dad become unemployed or disabled? If they can’t make the annual payments, most plans fold. If they ar...
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Young graduates wearing caps and gowns.

Life Insurance as a College Fund Option

We're now in the month of August, which means it's back to school for many. For clients with children, college funding may be stressful. Consider this: Married couple, two kids. Seems like your standard family, right? What few think of when considering the “standard” family is the amount of things ...
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