6 Benefits of Life Insurance for College Planning

Due to the rising costs of college tuitions, less of our families believe in their own ability to send their children off to college. But the youth of today are our leaders tomorrow, so it’s important that they receive their shot at a college degree without being hindered simply by money. It’s our j...
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An Example of College Planning With Life Insurance

Henry Jones wants his son, Henry Jr., to go to college just like he did. But, because his wife is sadly deceased, Henry is a single father. He’s unsure he’ll be able to adequately save enough money for his son’s college tuition without spending it elsewhere.  Junior is off on adventures quite often...
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Using Permanent Life Insurance for College Tuition

Your client is building for his or her child’s future, which primarily includes college funds. Perhaps they have a college savings plan in place which they pay into annually. But what happens if mom or dad become unemployed or disabled and can’t make the annual payments anymore? Most plans fold. I...
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Life Insurance as a College Fund Option

We're now in the month of August, which means it's back to school for many. For clients with children, college funding may be stressful. Consider this: Married couple, two kids. Seems like your standard family, right? What few think of when considering the “standard” family is the amount of thing...
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