Technology and Insurance: What Agents Need to Know...and Do

A lot of talk about technology and insurance uses the word "disruption." But technology is here to make your life as an agent easier. Here's how.
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Lessons Learned from a Life Insurance Mystery Shopper

In direct-to-consumer life insurance sales, what separates a carrier from an independent agent? One life insurance mystery shopper found out.
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5 Reasons to Use Insureio

You can manage and track customers, applications, and marketing efforts in one secure location - get two more reasons to use Insureio in this post!
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How to Use Our Sales Kits with Insureio's Marketing Campaigns

Did you know our free monthly sales kits have corresponding Insureio marketing campaigns? Enroll your prospects and let drip marketing do the rest.
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How to Send an Automated Client Survey through Insureio

The best way to get feedback is to ask for it…so why not send an automated client survey to ask them how you did? We'll show how to do this in Insureio.
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Your Source for Life Insurance Leads: The Insureio Marketplace

When we ask agents what they want most, "more life insurance leads" is always the answer. The Insureio Marketplace just solved that problem.
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Want an insurance marketing website with quoting, lead capture, professional content, and built-in marketing email coordination? InsuranceDivision is here.
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How to Send Your Clients Holiday Messages using Insureio

We'll show you how to send your clients holiday messages that thank them for their business - and get them thinking about what needs to get done in 2017.
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3 Ways to Find LTC Prospects with Insureio

The easiest way to find LTC prospects? Don't reinvent the wheel - mine your book of business for people who fit the ideal buyer profile.
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Insureio is Coming

Pinney Insurance is pleased to announce the arrival of Insureio, the most revolutionary and robust insurance sales system on the market!
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