When it comes to impaired risk life insurance, as well as disability and long term care policies, health conditions can often create obstacles. To help you better understand some of the more common impairments, our in-house underwriter Mike Woods has created the following table to help you navigate through the medical explanations and gather the needed details for us to more accurately quote the risk, so that you're able to give your client the most realistic expectations.

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How to use the above list:
Impairments are listed in alphabetical order. Each section within an impairment is explained directly below:

  • “Ask the Underwriter” series — articles written by our underwriter to aid in the understanding of the impairments—what to look for and what to expect.
  • Pinney-specific questionnaires — to help you gather the necessary information so that we can review your client’s impairment history and advise how to quote your specific case.
  • Prudential’s “RX for Success” — articles that explain how Prudential, one of the industry’s leading carriers for Impaired Risk, explains underwriting concerns for impairments. Includes Prudential-specific questionnaire. Where available, it’s recommended to use the Pinney Questionnaires, as they’re more current and have more precise detail to pertinent questions for an underwriter’s concerns.
  • “Matrix” — you can find a Multi-Carrier Matrix, specifically created in-house for the Pinney carriers. The varying carrier’s Underwriting Guides detail how they look at each impairment for comparison between their Preferred Best and Standard classes. This comprehensive table, displays the most up-to-date carrier information available.
  • XRAE — designation is given to the impairments that can be run through the XRAE Quoter which allows you to input impairment detail in order to check how a carrier will look at best-case scenarios.
  • E-mail — clicking here will generate a pre-populated email addressed to our in-house underwriter, asking for more detail and/or help for that specific impairment