Medicare supplement, vision, dental, and critical illness policies are bound to come up in any complete discussion of your client's insurance and retirement portfolio. We give you options for all of them, so you can offer more choices and coverage levels to the clients who trust you to help them insure the ones they love.

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The increasing cost of health care is a major worry for near-retirees. In fact, according to Nationwide's Health Care Cost in Retirement Survey (2023), 72% of Americans say that one of their top fears for retirement is out-of-control healthcare costs.

Do you clients know that Medicare only covers so much, and doesn't include ancillary coverage types like vision or dental? Self-funding for these unexpected costs can destroy dreams of leaving an inheritance for the children or supporting a surviving spouse.

The best way to help your clients prepare is to talk to them. Go over their options. If they're well below retirement age, we can help you add coverage for vision, dental, or critical illness. If they're at or near retirement age, let's dig deeper to analyze their options for Medicare supplement insurance and long-term care.

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Why Your Clients Need Medicare Supplement Insurance

Original Medicare coverage doesn't cover everything, which surprises many clients. Just like with private insurance, they'll still have to pay coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles. Medicare supplement insurance (also called "medigap" or "medsupp") can help offset those costs, and offer additional benefits that aren't included in Medicare Part A or Part B.

Keep in mind that clients who've signed up for Medicare Advantage (also known as Medicare Part C) aren't eligible for a Medsupp policy - these are only available to original Medicare subscribers.

We can help you offer Medicare supplement policies to clients enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. Plans are standardized and regulated by state, with each assigned a letter (A through N). Plan A, for example, must offer the same benefits no matter which carrier sells this plan. In many ways, this makes your job easier - the only tough decision is which plan meets the client's needs. Click here for more info on medigap plans.

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Critical illness and Medicare supplement insurance are just two products out of many that we can help you provide to your clients. Our specialty is life insurance and annuities, but we also offer long-term care and disability insurance. If you're looking for a one-stop shop, you're in the right place. We can also help with advanced planning for business owners and high-net worth individuals. If you have clients who've been turned down for coverage, let us help. Our in-house underwriting staff will re-examine the case; oftentimes, they see ways to present that case in a better light to the carriers.

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