Fewer employers are offering pensions these days, but your clients still need to secure their retirement. If they own businesses, chances are they're caught between a rock and a hard place - they want to keep operating costs low, but they probably also want to help their employees (and themselves!) save for retirement. A possible solution is using life insurance in qualified plans. Clients who participate in some qualified pension and profit-sharing plans as part of their retirement portfolio may be able to have the plan trustee use their dollars to purchase a life insurance policy. It's a little-known strategy, but one that can pay off with thousands of dollars of savings for your client.

How It Works

Life insurance bought within a pension or other qualified retirement plan is often less expensive for your client than buying a policy with after-tax dollars. If their pension plan buys and owns the policy, your client never has to pay out-of-pocket for coverage. Your client will have to pay tax on the economic value of the coverage, which increases as he or she ages. In most cases, the tax cost is far less than the policy's annual premium.

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