Marketing to association members is a great way to sell long-term care. Carriers including Mutual of Omaha may offer the association reduced premiums or benefit enhancements at no extra cost. You might even have clients in your existing book of business who belong to the same association and would make good prospects for LTC.

Creating a program like this requires a few extra steps, but can be extremely lucrative. It opens the door to increased referral business, plus you become the trusted financial advisor for that association. Most carriers will want to see a brokerage association marketing plan before approving group eligibility. They’ll want to know things like the group size, how many apps you think you’ll issue,  and what kind of marketing support both you and the association will offer to support the program. Requirements and eligibility will vary by carrier. Call us to talk about your association’s needs and we can help choose the right carrier for your group. We’ll help you put together everything you need to submit your proposal.

If you’re already in touch with an association that wants to put together an LTC coverage package for its members, call us at 1-800-823-4852 to get started.

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Our Long-Term Care Carriers

Here are our most popular LTC carriers:

  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Genworth
  • Transamerica


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Group and association long-term care insurance require more support and legwork than an individual policy. We’re here to help, from the prospecting to the marketing to the carrier application.

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