Senior couple meeting with a financial advisor.

Top Excuses for Not Buying LTC Insurance

Whether it’s Long-Term Care Awareness month or you’ve simply committed to selling this product year-round, you have or will run into these popular excuses: “It’s confusing.” “I don’t need it.” “I’m uncomfortable talking about it.” We’d like to share a few strategies—one for every response listed ...
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A senior couple rides bikes outdoors.

Medicare, Medicaid & Long-Term Care

Your client has life insurance. Awesome! That protects the beneficiaries from financial struggles in case the client dies. They also have healthcare, which may include Medicare (or even Medicaid) to reduce the costs of things like co-pays, prescription drugs, hospital visits, and other related items....
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A family of four relaxes outside at the beach.

What to Know About Long-Term Care

When discussing long-term care with your clients, there is much to consider. Where do you even start? For your convenience, here are a couple of talking points to get the ball rolling. The Chances of Needing LTC are High In studies done by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, resul...
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An attractive senior couple at home on the couch together. Isolated on white.

Long-Term Care Awareness Month

November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month. If you’re going to educate your clients on LTC insurance and highlight this service, you too should know the basics (or at least brush up on your knowledge) and learn of its importance. Retirement funds pay for your client's daily living expenses and ext...
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A green road sign that says, "Vision."

All Things Vision

Vision and dental plans are typically offered through employers as additional health coverage. Others receive coverage through Medicare or Medicaid. But for some, this coverage is not offered or they don’t qualify, and going without makes it difficult to acquire necessary medical exams and products n...
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A cute crowd of kids trick-or-treating in costumes.

All Things Dental

Typically, vision and dental plans are offered through employers in addition to health coverage. For those who qualify, federally-funded programs like Medicare and Medicaid also work to protect individuals against exuberant costs. But for some, coverage either isn’t offered or they just don’t quali...
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Doctor Speaking with Patient.

Breaking Down Medicare Supplement Insurance

The first thing to know about Medicare Supplement Insurance is that its name is interchangeable with Medigap. The two terms describe the same product. Here’s the short answer of what Medigap is: It does exactly what you’d expect. It supplements and fills in gaps left by Medicare. Medigap breaks d...
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A mom and daughter pose with leaves and a pumpkin for autumn.

The Importance of Vision and Dental Insurance

Your clients have life insurance which protects their family from financial disruption if they die. But what about insurance that keeps them healthy while they’re living? As insurance professionals we encourage all of our clients to live as healthy of a life as possible. This includes physical hea...
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A little girl in a witch costume laughs and poses with her pumpkin.

Do Your Clients Have Medigap, Vision, and Dental?

What is the first thing you think of when the calendar turns to October? If you said Halloween, then we’re thinking alike. But we’re taking it one step (or two) further. October to us means it’s time to talk about Medicare supplement, vision, and dental insurance. How’d we get there? Halloween me...
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