Is Epigenetics the Future of Life Insurance Underwriting?

Epigenetics is the study of genes - specifically, what activates and deactivates them. It could change life insurance underwriting forever.
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February 2020 Sales Kit: Give More Than Love

Our February 2020 sales kit is all about convincing prospects that life insurance is a way to give more than love this Valentine's Day.
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The Rise of Instant Issue: Why & How to Sell It Now

Instant issue life insurance is more affordable than ever – and easier to sell. Here's what's made it a competitive choice...and how to sell it.
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4 Reasons to Reach out to Your Clients This Month

Need more reasons to reach out to your clients this month? Here are a few issues that give you a timely reason to reach out with a reminder or question.
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Single Parents and Life Insurance: New Survey Results

A new survey from PacWealth Solutions has some great information about single parents and life insurance: why they buy (or don't), what they buy, and more.
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Sell Life Insurance as an Asset Class in 2015

Make 2015 the year you sell life insurance as an asset class. It's so much more than a financial safety net. It's also a way to make retirement more secure.
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The Future of Insurance Sales

Wearable tech, nanobots, and genome sequencing: is this the future of insurance sales? If it is, we as life insurance agents will need to adapt to continue to provide value to our clients.
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Jan Pinney Featured on the Modern Life Insurance Selling Podcast

Whether it’scarrier updates, passed legislation, tech tips, or sales strategies, we want agents to be armed with the deepest understanding of products and services possible.
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IUL Webinar Series, Pt. V: How to Sell IUL

Part five in the "How to Sell IUL" series, goes over popular sales concepts, the target IUL client, illustration tips, and four North American IUL products.
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IUL Webinar Series, Pt. IV: Illustration Tips

Typically you have two options when you run an illustration for a client or consumer: Guideline Premium Test (GPT) or Cash Value Accumulation Test (CVAT).
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