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EZLife® Has Evolved! We've partnered with Insureio to bring you a new life insurance sales and marketing platform that gives you even more functionality than the EZLife® platform.

When EZLife® launched in 2005, it had great features for the time, including an easy 1-page app that worked for all carriers, marketing emails, a quoting widget, and drop-ticket capabilities. Now, more than a decade later, the world has changed and other BGAs and carriers have seen the value of providing quoting widgets and drop-ticket systems.

In 2014, we partnered with Insureio® Technologies Inc. (then DataRaptor) and offered the rights to license and distribute our front-end EZLife® system for agents, as well as the back-end lead management and case processing module CLU (Client Lead Utility), with more than 9,000 individual users.

As an EZLife® user, you might not have noticed any of our changes behind the scenes. But our partners at Insureio® have been hard at work integrating our original and most popular features into their new CRM software. Today, Insureio® still offers the core EZLife® benefits and tools you love – you might even think of Insureio® as being powered by EZLife® – but they've also given the system a big upgrade.

For those who haven't used EZLife® or Insureio®, here's how the drop-ticket part of the platform works...

What you do:

  • Run our Health Analyzer and Quoter to get an accurate quote
  • Select the desired product
  • Gather application information and submit the online application
  • Deliver the policy and collect delivery requirements

What our application fulfillment partners at Pinney Insurance do:

  • Follow up with your client to fill out the paper application
  • Order medical exams and attending physician statements (aps) when necessary
  • Follow the application through underwriting
  • Deliver the policy to you
  • Pay you 100% of your regular commission

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