Surprising Stats on Inbound Phone Calls and ROI

How much of your business comes from inbound phone calls? According to new data, phone calls drive more insurance sales than online research.
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3 Ways to Sell Life Insurance to Millennials

The strategies you use to sell to their parents and grandparents aren’t going to give you a foothold with millennials. Let’s take a look at what does work.
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"Reaching Customer 2.0" Podcast

Our Pinney Insurance VP of Sales and Marketing, Ryan Pinney, discusses how a digital agency can adapt to the changes Customer 2.0 brought to the market.
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Capitalizing on Gen Y Prospects

While most of us are so focused on baby boomers, and preparing for Generation X right after, Gen Y is often being overlooked. This is a mistake. Gen Y is often referred to as "Generation Me," and they're a group who will one day soon hold the highest rate of purchasing power. That means that of al...
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