December 2020 Sales Kit: Policy Review

In our December 2020 sales kit, you'll get all the information you need to plan a policy review strategy for your book of business.
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Van Mueller's Monthly Newsletter: November 2020

In this month's issue, Van Mueller talks about an American four-letter word: math. He explains how it proves America needs life insurance more than ever.
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November 2020 Sales Kit: Long-Term Care Insurance

Our November 2020 Sales Kit is all about long-term care. Find conversation starters, prospecting tips, ice-breakers, funding source ideas, and more.
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Van Mueller's Monthly Newsletter: October 2020

In this issue, Van explains why the Socratic Method (asking questions in order to teach) is so powerful - and how you can use it to make more sales.
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October 2020 Sales Kit: Critical Illness Insurance

Why sell critical illness insurance? So your clients don't have to use crowdfunding to pay unexpected medical bills. Our October 2020 sales kit will help.
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Van Mueller's Monthly Newsletter: September 2020

In this month's issue, Van Mueller shares his “Paradigm Shift” presentation to help you have conversations that motivate clients to take action.
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4 eCommerce Sales Tactics You Can Use to Sell Insurance

Ever been jealous of how easy it is to sell a physical product online? Don’t be – here are 4 eCommerce sales tactics you can use to sell insurance.
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September 2020 Sales Kit: Tax-Free Income

Are your clients worried about rising taxes? Our September 2020 sales kit can help you start conversations about that 0% tax bracket and more.
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Van Mueller's Monthly Newsletter: August 2020

In this issue of the Van Mueller newsletter, he explains the three things you need to be a successful insurance and financial professional.
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August 2020 Sales Kit: Back to School

Our August 2020 sales kit will help you talk to families who need death benefit protection, but also want to help the kids with future college expenses.
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