Van Mueller's Monthly Newsletter: January 2019

Van Mueller shares the four pages from the 2018 1040 instructions you need - they've made him "so many sales over the years it is almost astonishing."
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The Annuity to Sell Right Now: Lincoln MyGuarantee Plus

The easiest annuity to sell right now? Find out why it's the Lincoln MYGuarantee Plus annuity. Our Brokerage Manager Dave Cranfield chimes in.
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January 2019 Sales Kit: Life Insurance as an Asset Class

Our January 2019 sales kit is all about life insurance as an asset class. It's a great New Year's topic that echoes the many resolutions about finances.
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Van Mueller's Monthly Newsletter: December 2018

In this edition, Van Mueller explains how clients can pay taxes now on taxable money and transfer as much tax-free money to the future as possible.
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December 2018 Sales Kit: Asset Maximization & Charitable Giving

In our December 2018 sales kit, we're talking about asset maximization and charitable giving, relevant to the spirit of the season and the end of the year.
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October 2018 Sales Kit: Critical Illness Insurance

Our October 2018 sales kit is all about critical illness insurance. This free 30-page kit has product info, a premium worksheet, and more.
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Van Mueller's Monthly Newsletter: September 2018

In the September edition of Van Mueller's newsletter, he talks about stock market FOMO and asks why we prioritize gains instead of protecting against loss.
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September 2018 Sales Kit: Life Insurance Awareness Month

Our September 2018 sales kit is all about supporting Life Insurance Awareness Month! Get custom graphics for social media, sales ideas, and more!
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Protective Custom Choice UL: Mortgage Protection

Protective's Custom Choice UL protects your client’s mortgage, with a decreasing face-amount feature that kicks in once their financial needs change.
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Van Mueller's Monthly Newsletter: August 2018

In this month's newsletter, Van Mueller explains why it's better to talk about mathematical issues with clients than emotional ones.
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