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What Is XRAE?

XRAE is a tool that makes medical underwriting easy. We provide this tool as part of our effort to make life insurance easier for our brokers.

XRAE does what no human being can – it perfectly evaluates over 100,000 specific underwriting rules based on over 600 potential questions in less than a second to determine the “best case” underwriting classification at each XRAE Partner Carrier.

NOTE: The link above requires a login to use XRAE. Don't have a login? Contact your Pinney brokerage manager to request one!

Why Use XRAE?

XRAE gives you the following abilities:

  • Quickly evaluate your client’s medical conditions against the published guidelines, published best case scenarios and, in some instances, unpublished underwriting rules of every carrier on the XRAE platform
  • Determine the carriers most likely to approve the rate class shown based on the information provided
  • Know the questions carriers would be interested in having answered for most major medical conditions