Accurate underwriting is one of our specialties. We'll give you the tools you need to successfully evaluate each client's health and best policy options. We're also ready to step in and help out whenever it's necessary. Let us put our in-house team to work for you and your client.

We know the seemingly endless list of underwriting impairments is daunting, but we can make it easier for you to be prepared, to ask the right questions, to gather the key points we need for a full review. Send that info back to us, and we'll provide a realistic idea of potential offers from the carriers. When you present a realistic view to your client, you're respecting their time - and yours.

We're here to help you be the expert your client needs.

Let us provide you with the tools, know-how, and assistance you need to set realistic expectations for your proposed insureds. This minimizes surprises at the back end, reduces the need to shop for different carriers, and increases your ability to place and get paid for more business. Let's get it right the first time so your client stays motivated about getting covered. Let's limit the number of non-taken offers, the wasted time of underwriting, and the frustration of approving a case with a rate that's out of your client’s budget. When we know up front what we're expecting from a rating standpoint, we can all be more efficient at what we do. From the agent to the GA to the carrier, we're all in this business to protect families and businesses. Let's work together to be even more successful and getting the right protection in place for our clients.

Underwriting Tools

The following underwriting tools are available for all of our brokers and producers:

Our dedicated in-house underwriting team is standing by ready to help. Our in-house team includes:

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Underwriting & Product Specifications

Term, UL, Whole Life product specifications

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