Our North American IUL webinar series, "Grow Your Business with IUL," is available here for FREE. Listen in as Chris Korfe of North American shows you how to start selling indexed universal life insurance (IUL). These 20-minute presentations are designed to help you learn about IUL and incorporate the product into your arsenal. Through the five segments, you'll learn:

  • IUL Mechanics
  • How Insurance Companies Cover Indexed Credits
  • Compelling Features
  • Illustration Tips
  • How to Sell IUL

Session I: IUL Mechanics

In the kickoff webinar, Chris discussed the four crediting strategies used by North American: annual point-to-point, monthly point-to-point, daily averaging, and multi-index annual point-to-point. He also touches on index segments (buckets), annual resets, participation rates, and much more!

To see the quick list of bullet-point takeaways, click here.

Session II: How Insurance Companies Provide Index Credits

In the second presentation, Chris looked at how companies provide interest rates linked to an index with downside protection. Furthermore, he answered key questions, such as, "why do caps and participation rates move?" as well as "how can companies afford variable interest rate loans?" Finally, he breaks down the difference between annuities and life insurance.

Don't have time to watch the entire presentation (it's only 20 minutes)? Click here for a few quick takeaways.

Session III: Compelling Features

On May 8, Chris Korfe discussed the compelling features of North American's IUL products. For example, Chris explained index selections—the indexes that Builder IUL, Guarantee Builder IUL and Rapid Builder IUL are tied to—and how the carrier uses multiple so as to allow clients to diversify without getting locked into one index. He spoke about the advantage of daily sweeps, the product's protected death benefit and chronic illness accelerator as well as interest rate bonuses, overloan protection and more!

Check out the bullet point takeaways.

Session IV: Illustration Tips

In the fourth presentation, Chris Korfe returned to discuss illustration tips. Here's what he covered:

  • Guideline Premium Test (GPT) or Cash Value Accumulation Test (CVAT)
  • Increasing Versus Level Death Benefit Option (DBO)
  • Adequate Face Amount
  • Loan-Withdrawal Timing
  • Length of Income Stream

You can review the blog post with a handful of takeaways, or click the video below to watch the 22-minute webinar with slides.

Session V: How to Sell IUL

The fifth and final session has finished. We'd like to thank Chris Korfe of North American as well as everyone who participated in these webinars. If you'd like to read a few brief takeaways, click here. Otherwise, check out the video below (27 minutes) to learn more about:

  • Popular Sales Concepts for IUL
  • IUL Target Clients
  • More Illustration Tips
  • Product Selection
  • Four NA Products