Advanced Sales Academy: New Session

Our first session of the Advanced Sales Academy filled up fast! To give everyone a chance to enroll, we're opening up a second session.
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You're Invited to Our Advanced Sales Academy

Announcing our first-ever Advanced Sales Academy – an immersive 2-day workshop here in our office! Learn to sell life insurance online with us.
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The Future of Client Communication

Phone calls and office visits are a thing of the past. The client communication of tomorrow will be fast, visually appealing, and accessible anywhere.
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Prospecting via Webinars for Life Insurance Agents

Are you prospecting via webinars? You can also use them to address trending topics, answer client questions, and build your mailing list. Webinars are a great way to present yourself as an authority and earn a prospect’s trust. It’s also a great way to create an agent/client bond, especially if ...
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Two Ways to Upgrade Your Client Presentation Toolbox

Check out our top two tools for making on-the-fly client presentations a snap, in this installment of the Tech Corner.
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It's Time to Disrupt the Insurance Industry

Imagine a world where Facebook and Google sell life insurance. To stay relevant and keep that from happening, we need to disrupt the insurance industry.
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The Future of Insurance Sales

Wearable tech, nanobots, and genome sequencing: is this the future of insurance sales? If it is, we as life insurance agents will need to adapt to continue to provide value to our clients.
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The 60-Day Social Media Plan: Phase III

If you’ve been following this blog and have started implementing our Social Media Plan for Success then you aren’t quite ready to begin phase three just yet. But we want to make it available so you can smoothly transition to the next step without delay. As always, we also want to take a moment to ca...
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The 60-Day Social Media Plan: Phase II

It is time to move on to Phase II of the “60-Day Plan for Social Media Success.” But first, if you’re joining us late, check out the introductory post by following the link just above. Once you know what to expect, get started on Phase I byclicking here. For the Phase II folks, let’s jump right in. ...
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The 60-Day Social Media Plan: Phase I

Congratulations! You committed to growing your web presence specifically through the use of social media. Then you checked out our introductory blog on the “60-Day Plan for Social Media Success.” Now you know what to expect, you’ve learned key words, your website and blog are ready to go, and you’re...
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