The Golden Ratio for Social Media Sharing

Not sure what to post on social media? Personal info? Pics? Articles? Creating your online persona is easy when you apply the golden ratio for social media.
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The 3-Step Formula for Effective Content Curation

Content curation is all about sharing information that resonates with your audience. Do it well and you can turn an audience of prospects into clients.
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5 Ways to Get More Engagement on Social Media

Shake up your social media routine to get more engagement! From posting times to post types, these tips will help you better connect with your followers.
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2016 Social Media Trends and Predictions

2016 social media trends will be about user experience – and making social platforms a profit. Get tips on how insurance agents can adapt and thrive.
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5 Steps and 10 Tools to Save Time on Social Media

From pre-scheduling posts to sourcing content to creating sharable images on the fly, here are the tips and tools to save time on social media.
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Five Tips for Getting Noticed on LinkedIn

Are you getting the most out of LinkedIn? From their publishing feature to free InMails, find out how to get noticed on the network we're all talking about.
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Tech Trends: Are You Keeping Up?

Marketo recently launched a series of online interviews, designed to give you insight into the world of marketing and technology. When DJ Waldow, Marketo’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, sat down with Porter Gale, the former VP of Marketing at Virgin America, we got some great insight into how technol...
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Ryan Pinney Talks Social Media Compliance + Virtual Inside Sales Summit Notes

Tips from Ryan Pinney as he talks social media compliance, and his notes from the Virtual Inside Sales Summit. Learn handling objections and getting to Yes.
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The 60-Day Social Media Plan: Phase III

If you’ve been following this blog and have started implementing our Social Media Plan for Success then you aren’t quite ready to begin phase three just yet. But we want to make it available so you can smoothly transition to the next step without delay. As always, we also want to take a moment to ca...
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The 60-Day Social Media Plan: Phase II

It is time to move on to Phase II of the “60-Day Plan for Social Media Success.” But first, if you’re joining us late, check out the introductory post by following the link just above. Once you know what to expect, get started on Phase I byclicking here. For the Phase II folks, let’s jump right in. ...
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