Van Mueller's Monthly Newsletter: August 2018

In this month's newsletter, Van Mueller explains why it's better to talk about mathematical issues with clients than emotional ones.
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5 Ways to Help Prevent Policy Lapse & Surrenders

What can you do to prevent policy lapse and surrenders? It starts with educating your client and ensuring they always know their options.
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College Funding: Why Clients Need Your Help

This month, we’re talking about life insurance and college funding. The costs and challenges are higher than ever - here's what your clients are up against.
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4 Ways to Make Videos without Appearing on Camera

Would you do more video marketing if you could make videos without appearing on camera? You can – and we’ll show you 4 easy ways to do it.
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August 2018 Sales Kit: Back to School

In our August 2018 sales kit, we're talking about college funding. Get tips & tools for talking about life insurance as a source of college funding.
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Call Reluctance: What It Is and How to Overcome It

Even experienced agents get call reluctance. Learn the 12 types of reluctance and their prevalence in insurance sales, plus how to overcome them.
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How to Earn Your Client's Trust

We all know what trust means...or do we? A 20-question survey evaluates trustworthiness and the creators explain how to earn your client's trust.
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How to Grow Your Audience with a Free Challenge

A hot strategy in list building right now is to grow your audience with a free challenge. It helps prospects solve a problem and positions you as an expert.
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Van Mueller's Monthly Newsletter: July 2018

In this month's newsletter, Van Mueller talks about inflation, deflation, taxes, and how to help your clients prepare for the future.
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Carrier Spotlight: New LTC Rider from Mutual of Omaha

You asked, they delivered - here's our look at the brand new Mutual of Omaha LTC rider, available for two of the company's IUL policies.
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