The 60-Day Social Media Plan: Phase I

Congratulations! You committed to growing your web presence specifically through the use of social media. Then you checked out our introductory blog on the “60-Day Plan for Social Media Success.” Now you know what to expect, you’ve learned key words, your website and blog are ready to go, and you’re...
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The 60-Day Plan for Social Media Success

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to finally start using social media? Have you waited until January 1st to dive in? Well now it’s here, and you’re not entirely sure where to start. Lucky for you, we’ve created a 60-day plan for social media success. Using this plan, you’ll learn how to effectiv...
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Build Your Web Presence in 5 Easy Steps

As the landscape of the industry changes, you recognize that the Internet and social media are major driving factors in the decision-making process of consumers. You also see the writing on the wall: adapt or perish. Many producers make it look so easy. They’ve adapted well and are thriving in the m...
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Capitalizing on Gen Y Prospects

Most agents are so focused on baby boomers and Generation X that Gen Y prospects are being overlooked. This is a mistake.
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Internet Prospecting Made Easy

Utilizing multiple platforms can drive traffic back to your main page - and your sales quoter. Here's how to get started with internet prospecting.
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