What we do matters.

If you’ve ever doubted that, take a look at this life insurance testimonial, shared with LifeMark Partners by John Hancock. Their Vitality program changed one client’s life for the better – and we know there are more out there just like this.

Here’s what the Vitality program does:

  • Offers clients with John Hancock life insurance policies a free Fitbit
  • Rewards them with Vitality Points for healthy activities (health screenings, exercising, etc.)
  • Issues a status based on your point total: Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum – the higher your status, the more you save on your insurance premium
  • Redeems points for discounts with vendors including Hyatt, Whole Foods, REI, Royal Caribbean, and more

Here’s what one client had to say about Vitality:

I was intrigued by John Hancock’s Vitality program that is tied to their life insurance products.  After reading more about it, I bought a policy and convinced my wife to do the same.  I didn’t think I’d wear the Fitbit since I have nice watch and wear a Garmin watch when I train.  When the Fitbit arrived, I easily linked it to my Hancock Vitality app and tried it out.  Like all technology things, I played with it.  I counted steps and compared my results to the Fitbit, I counted the flights of stairs I climbed and double checked this device and so on.

About the same time, my results from the insurance exam came in and were applied to my Vitality account.  I earned 1,000 points for having my blood pressure under 120/80.  Non-smoking gave me another 1,000 as did having my cholesterol under 200 (even though it’s aided by Simvastatin).  I kept adding points and in the first week I had moved from Bronze, past Silver and was at the Gold level.

True, people say I am competitive, but the top level of Platinum was within my reach and I decided I was going to get there.  I got points for my dental cleaning and flu shot and now Platinum was inches away.  I wore the Fitbit on my runs and when I went cycling.  I began taking the dog for a walk in the evening.  So that my wife wouldn’t think I was having a fling with someone down the street, I invited her and her Fitbit along for the walk.

I was Platinum within 4 months and I truly haven’t made any changes except adding the evening dog walks.  Without those walks, I still would have attained this top level in 5 or 6 months.

Last Friday, the new James Bond movie was released.  With my Vitality policy I have a $25 gift certificate with Fandango. I bought 2 tickets for the movies first night and my wife and I went for free. We drove to the theater; I’m competitive, not obsessive.  Movie Review note: Spectre is worth seeing.

On our way out and back to the car I was showing my wife my other gift certificates in the Vitality app which included 2 from Whole Foods for a total of $150.  She said, “That should pretty much cover Thanksgiving.”  The down side is I had to go food shopping with her and bring my phone on Saturday.  I also have $35 in Starbucks gift cards.  Every weekend, I give my daughter my phone and she and her friends go to Starbucks and chip away on my gift cards.  Fine by me!

I will be running in the 2016 Boston Marathon in April.  Boston is an expensive city for hotel rooms and more so over that big weekend.  As I booked flights and rooms, I realized, I get half off at Hyatt’s with Vitality – and NO blackouts.  On Monday, I booked 4 nights at the Hyatt in Boston and got $1,200 off the rooms.

I have earned many more gift cards and have to use them, I plan on Christmas shopping at REI with my 20% off and using other gift cards like Amazon and Apple.  Still today, they just keep coming.

The real reason I bought this was for the life insurance with the Long Term Care Rider.  I’m happy to have both, I feel good about that actually.  It feels a little better knowing I saved about 15% on my premiums by getting to Platinum and haven’t altered my life other than using all these discounts and gift cards.

Life insurance is changing. It’s always been about protecting our families. But now, it’s also about living benefits.

Yes, prospects can still provide for their families after they’re gone. But they can also provide for themselves with riders covering long-term care, critical illness, and disability. They can earn rewards for themselves and their families. They can make better decisions – and one good decision often leads to another.

There’s a new way to think about life insurance – and a new way to sell it.

We need to make sure our prospects know about programs like this. It could be the nudge they’re looking for if they’re still shopping for coverage.

What we do matters.

If you have a life insurance testimonial like this, please share it! We'd love to hear more success stories about clients making healthier decisions.