October 2019 Sales Kit: Vision, Dental, Medicare Supplement

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Our October 2019 sales kit will help you become your clients' insurance agent - not just their life insurance agent.

You sell life insurance - it's your area of expertise, the product you know inside and out. But it's not the only type of insurance coverage your clients need. What if you could help them fulfill more of their insurance needs and earn more at the same time? That's what happens when you start cross-selling and up-selling with other policy types. Your clients get the benefit of additional coverage, brought to them by someone they trust. You get to build deeper relationships with your book of business. This month's kit will help you do just that with vision, dental, and Medicare supplement insurance.

What’s in the Kit

October 2019 Sales Kit: Vision, Dental, Medicare Supplement

Our FREE 19-page kit includes:

  • 5-page consumer guide to dental insurance
  • fillable quote request form for dental insurance
  • 3-page consumer guide to vision insurance
  • fillable quote request form for vision insurance
  • 6-page consumer guide to Medicare supplement insurance
  • fillable quote request form for Medicare supplement insurance
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How to Use This Month’s Sales Kit

Make it easy for your clients to learn more about vision, dental, and Medicare supplement insurance at their own pace:

  • Give them a free guide. Wondering how to interest your clients in something that (let's be honest) seems kind of boring? Tell them you've been answering lots of questions for other clients about vision, dental, or Medicare supplement insurance. In case they have they same questions, you're reaching out to them with some basic information. Then, just attach one or more of the individual PDFs to an email, or upload it to your website and share the link. The guides are branded as "Insurance Division," so all you have to do is say you had your Insurance Division prepare this information for them.
  • Have a follow-up plan. Decide when to check in with the clients who got a PDF. It may take several tries before they're ready to talk or ask you questions. If they're interested, ask them to give you the completed quote request form, or ask them the form's questions over the phone and fill it out for them.
  • Get in touch with us. We can get you the quotes your client requested, or you can input their information into our dental insurance quoter, vision insurance quoter, or Medicare Supplement quoter. Need help? Call us at 800-823-4852.
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Insureio Subscribers: Use Our Vision, Dental, MedSupp Campaign

If you're an Insureio subscriber, you can access several pre-written marketing campaigns for October. They all include educational emails for clients and prospects pre-scheduled for delivery throughout the month. The emails in the vision/dental/MedSupp campaign explain what kinds of things these policies pay for, as well as who might benefit most from them. They're designed to introduce concepts and ask questions, with no hard sell or specific carriers mentioned. Essentially, they allow a client or prospect to raise their hand and let you know they're interested. If you'd rather not use the vision/dental/MedSupp campaign, there's also a critical illness campaign and a basic life insurance campaign. Choose the campaign that works best for you!

October 2019 Sales Kit: Vision, Dental, Medicare Supplement

To preview the campaign:

  • From your left-hand nav menu in Insureio, hover over Marketing and then click Marketing Campaigns.
  • Scroll down and click October Newsletter Series: Medicare / Health Insurance Planning (Monthly Focus Topic). You'll see the list of pre-scheduled emails. To see what a template looks like, click any of the blue template title links. The template will open up in a new browser tab.

Want to learn more about Insureio marketing campaigns and how to enroll your clients and prospects? Click here to visit the tutorial in the Insureio Academy.

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October 2019 Sales Kit: Vision, Dental, Medicare Supplement

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