Did you miss the “Grow Your Business with IUL” kickoff webinar on April 24? Lucky for you, there are FOUR more AND we have the presentation recorded!

As a sneak peak of what you'll learn through this webinar series, we've included the full presentation from the first installment:

In case you're just learning about this free opportunity, Pinney Insurance Center, Inc. has partnered with North American to provide a five-part webinar series on IUL. Each session lasts 30 minutes; the first 20 minutes will be information provided by North American’s Chris Korfe and the final 10 minutes will be made up of Q&A. The topics include:

  • IUL Mechanics – recap below
  • How Insurance Companies Cover Indexed Credits – May 1 (click here)
  • Compelling Features – May 8 (click here)
  • Illustration Tips – May 15 (click here)
  • How to Sell IUL – May 22

“IUL Mechanics” on April 24 discussed crediting strategies, index segments, annual resets, participations rates & caps, and minimum account values. Here is a quick rundown of takeaways from this week’s presentation:

  • Four Crediting Strategies:
    • Annual point-to-point—the safest of the indexing options. 0% floor and no charge for negatives. No worries about market volatility. Client will always see a positive and only the starting and ending points of the year are looked at.
    • Monthly point-to-point—calculation is the same formula as Annual PTP, used for each month instead. This is a good option for a true bull market.
    • Daily Averaging—not as popular as first two but good for client who wants something linear. This strategy helps smooth out the highs and raise up the lows.
    • Multi-Index Annual Point-to-Point—combines indexes by giving the client 50% of his/her best performing index, 30% of the second-best performer, and 20% of the lowest performer (toward the amount to be credited).
  • Index Segments (Buckets): Buckets accumulate credits that are added into the account value of the client’s IUL policy after a duration. Buckets are based on how the client pays their policy premiums, e.g. a client that pays their premium on a monthly basis will have 12 index buckets which allow better diversification on a dollar coast averaging method.
  • Annual Reset and 0% Floor: There will never be a negative number involved in calculating credits. Annual reset allows for the client to start from the current market value of the index.
  • Participation Rates & Caps: Because there are different index options, participation rates and caps vary from strategy to strategy.
  • Minimum Account Value: this North American feature guarantees your client a positive return.

Feel free to give us a call at (800) 823-4852 if you’d like to discuss IUL in more detail immediately.