The Ultimate Revenue Engine: Maximize Results Through Inside Sales & Marketing Automation Win over today's highly informed buyer and discover:
  • How to ensure sales and marketing communication alignment
  • The 7 rules of increasing contact rates from 27% to 92%
  • A summary of recent research as seen in Inc., Harvard Business Review, and Forbes
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Marketing Attribution for Dummies 83% of marketers still struggle to measure ROI from digital. Separate from the pack with cross-channel attribution. Savvy marketers know they are judged by their contribution to the bottom line, yet the rapid rise of digital has made reporting on revenue tougher than ever. In this free eBook, you'll learn how to:
  • Definitively tie digital marketing performance to revenue
  • Conquer common pitfalls to attribution implementation
  • Choose the right attribution model for your team
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Are Big Deals Worth It? Wondering if bigger deals are worth your effort? InsightSquared analyzed more than 50 inside sales teams to find out—and the results may surprise you. Learn how the size of the deal affects your win rate, the sales cycle, and one crucial metric. Click here to download.