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One of the most common impairments we see in underwriting is a history of Breast Cancer. With the advances in medical care, abilities for treatment, and increasing awareness and self exams we’re seeing more and more cases of women that are survivors of cancer and create a unique underwriting challenge. The good news is that we typically can get a decent offer for coverage if it is detected early and treated properly.

When you come upon someone who has this history, the first thing is to assure them that this is common. The industry has lots of experience underwriting this risk and you have access to support that will help them get the best offer, based on their situation and history.

A few key bits of information will allow us to give you a realistic expectation of an eventual underwriting decision:

  • What was the age at diagnosis and date the treatment ended?
  • What was the specific type of Breast Cancer?
  • What was the stage and grade of the cancer? — most important, and comes from the post-pathology report
  • How was it treated?...lumpectomy or mastectomy?...any chemo or radiation?
  • Any metastasis or lymph node involvement?
  • If known, are there any positive receptors and what is the size of the tumor?

With this basic amount of information, we can give you a more accurate picture of what will be the eventual outcome from underwriting, and allow you to better quote your prospect and set realistic expectations.

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As always, we're here to help you answer questions, and provide the best underwriting services possible to help you place cases.