Brokerage Manager Justin Mack

Hi, I'm Justin Mack

I'm your brokerage manager here at Pinney. I can answer any questions about our application fulfillment service and our CRM platform of choice, Insureio. Please bookmark this page. You can always contact me or any of my team members through the links on this page.
Brokerage Manager Justin Mack
(800) 823-4852 x8753
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Brokerage Team

Katie Cumalat VP Sales & Operations
Katie Cumalat
VP Sales & Operations
A-Team Supervisor
(800) 823-4852 x8720
Email Katie
Relationship Coordinator Carolyn Seamons
Carolyn Seamons
Relationship Coordinator
(800) 823-4852 x8731
Email Carolyn
Business Development Rep Kaye Williams
Kaye Williams
Business Development Rep
(800) 823-4852 x8803
Email Kaye
Customer Service Rep Emily Stark
Emily Stark
Service Rep

(800) 823-4852 x8784
Email Emily
Sr. Contracting Specialist Tanja Pederson
Tanja Pederson
Sr. Contracting Specialist
(800) 823-4852 x8751
Email Tanja
Commissions Specialist Heather Currey
Heather Currey
Commissions Specialist
(800) 823-4852 x8759
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Agency Underwriter Mike Woods
Mike Woods

(800) 823-4852 x8708
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Illustrations & Quotes Specialist Paulette Wolfe
Paulette Wolfe
Illustrations & Quotes
(800) 823-4852 x8704
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Director of Operations Tracy Meier
Tracy Meier
Director of Operations
(800) 823-4852 x8729
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Application Team Manager Candi Brundage
Candi Brundage
Application Team Manager
(800) 823-4852 x8757
Email Candi
Application Specialist Team Lead Amber Stewart
Amber Stewart
Application Specialist Team Lead
(800) 823-4852 x8762
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Case Manager Kim Sewell
Kim Sewell

(800) 823-4852 x8739
Email Kim
Case Manager Jana Larkin
Jana Larkin

(800) 823-4852 x8740
Email Jana
Case Manager Sue Taylor
Sue Taylor

(800) 823-4852 x8752
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Delivery Team Specialist Lauren Densley
Lauren Densley
Delivery Team Specialist
(800) 823-4852 x8736
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