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A simple system to sell more life insurance & grow your business

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Selling Life Insurance Should Be Easy

…and it can be, with the right tools and the best life sales system.

Would you rather spend your time doing paperwork or making a sale?
How about those games of phone tag with clients to track down missing information for their application?

With the EZLife Sales System, you can spend all your time marketing and selling and we’ll do everything else.

How does it work?

It's easy when you have the right life insurance sales tools.


You quote your client using our online multi-carrier quoting tool. Gather and submit their basic application information and we’ll do the rest.

Application Team

Our Application Team contacts your client on your behalf and helps them complete and submit their application. Plus, we order any needed medical exams and attending physician statements.

Policy Delivery

We’ll follow that application through underwriting and deliver the policy to your client.

Get Paid

We do the heavy lifting and you still get paid 100% of your regular commission!

It really is that easy to use the best life sales system out there.

Here's What You Get

with the EZLife Sales System

Wondering how to increase your insurance sales? We’ve sold tens of thousands of policies online and by phone – and we’re known for the way we innovate and use technology to streamline our sales process. In this program, we’ll give you the blueprint we used to do just that – including phone scripts, process organization templates, and marketing advice.

Use our EZLifeSales drop-ticket platform to quote clients, submit business, and check on your cases. No bells and whistles, no steep learning curve…just log in, be productive, and log out. We call it Insureio Lite, and it’s the fastest, easiest way to serve your clients without all the paperwork. It includes a multi-carrier health analyzer and quoting tool and multi-carrier online universal application for term, universal, whole, and variable life insurance.

Our staff is your secret weapon – they make this the best life sales system for agents who just want to sell. We make sure your applications are submitted IGO (in good order) and follow up throughout the underwriting, offer, and delivery process. Your clients have a better experience, every case is processed as quickly as possible, and you get paid faster. Plus, our team members provide case management and an additional point of contact for you and your clients throughout the process. It’s concierge service for you both – which you don’t get from purely drop-ticket platforms like iGo or ApplicInt.

Is the EZLife Sales System Right for You?

If you want to learn how to increase your insurance sales, you’re in the right place. We created the EZLifeSales System for agents who want to sell more life insurance but spend too much time on paperwork. Let our time-tested systems and automations go to work for you, so you can spend time building relationships with clients. We can help if you’re:

Just Starting Out

You’re new to the industry or to life insurance sales. You need sales strategies that work so you can build a book of business the right way.

Looking to Grow

You’re determined to take your business to the next level, but you know you need a solid process and the right life insurance sales tools to do it. The bottom line? You need a proven method for how to increase your insurance sales.

P&C Agents

You only do a few life insurance cases a year and aren’t sure where to send them. You just want an easy way to help your clients.


Here's what else you need to know

How does the EZLife Sales System work?
First, you fill out the form below to let us know you want in. We’ll reach out and get you all set up. We’ll get you licensed and contracted with Pinney Insurance as well as give you our EZLifeSales Blueprint and access to Insureio Lite. When used together, our strategies and technology provide one of the best life insurance selling systems available.
Does it cost me anything?
Not a dime. The EZLife Sales System is free for agents licensed and contracted with Pinney Insurance.
How much commission do you pay?
It depends on how much business you’ve done in the past (and how much you anticipate doing with us in the future). If you’re interested, fill out the form below and we’ll give you a call to go over our commission levels.
Can I submit to another BGA?
You can, but not through our EZLife Sales Insureio Lite drop-ticket platform. Insureio – our insurance CRM software – is set up to drop tickets straight to our Application Team.
What happens when I submit a case to you?
We're so glad you asked!
EZLife Sales Process Email notification to you & your client What You Do What We Do
Use Insureio Lite to quote and submit business for application fulfillment Yes Gather basic quote info, select the desired product, complete the EZ application form
Application & exam (if required) Yes Contact your client to complete the formal application; schedule & order the exam/APS (if required)
App Submission & underwriting Yes Track and monitor the app through underwriting
Policy delivery Yes Obtain delivery requirements & deliver the policy once approved
In force Yes Collect your commission & build a relationship with your new client

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